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Top 6 Reasons To Publish A Biography


Boost Your Profile & Credibility


Share Your Story With The World


Mark A Significant Milestone Age


Document Achievements in Your Career


Commission A Special Gift For Someone Else


Legacy for Future Generations

Celebrities Share Their Stories 

How it works

1. Writer Match

Tell us a little about yourself, your goals by email or telephone consultation then our team will recommend a writer-sometimes more than one- who suits your project perfectly. It’s your memoir, so the final decision is yours!

2. Welcome Package

Once the commissioning paperwork is complete and deposit paid, we’ll send you a welcome letter explaining the process and your confirmed writer

3. Questionnaire

Our questionnaires are designed to jog your memory and provide a structure for your interviews. They’re easy, fun, and bring back memories you haven’t thought about in years or even decades!

You can also choose to purchase an additional interview session and forego the questionnaire.

4. Interviews

In-depth interview sessions with your writer form the backbone of your story. These are almost always face-to-face sessions at home.

Typical interview sessions are 2 or 3 hours long If your package includes more interview time than this, it will probably be spread out over multiple sessions.

5. Your photos

While your writer is working on the text, you'll send us photos to include in your book. Your editor will be able to advise you on getting old photos scanned and digitised.
You can also invite friends and family to contribute images online.

6. Your Comments

After we review and edit the text, your writer will send you a draft to comment on.
Your writer will make requested changes and finalise the story before it’s professionally proofread.

7. Print & Delivery!

Once we’ve got all the last details right, our designers will lay out your book’s cover and interior. You will have the opportunity to sign off on the PDF proofs before your book goes to print.
Your beautifully bound, hardcover books will be printed and delivered to your home. From beginning to end the process normally takes a few months.

We Also Produce Industry Focused Books 

Packages & Pricing

We offer books in three packages, or a bespoke service tailored to your specific request


The Standard Biography chronicles your life story in a petite but perfectly formed volume. The ideal gift to mark a milestone birthday or occasion.

  • Up to five hours of interviews

  • Maximum length: 15,000 words (roughly 80 pages)

  • Up to 30 photographs

  • Five hardback books plus a digital copy of your book


if payment is made in full before the start of the project

(10% Discount will be deducted)


Our most popular choice, the Premier Biography offers an opportunity to tell the story of your life and career achievements in more depth.

  • Up to ten hours of interviews

  • Maximum length: 30,000 words (roughly 150 pages)

  • Up to 40 photographs

  • Five cloth bound and sewn hardback books plus a digital copy of your book


if payment is made in full before the start of the project

(12% Discount will be deducted)

Most Popular Package 

International Publishing Included


The Super Full-Length Biography is a good choice if you wish to record your life story in detail, with plenty of room for all your memories, reflections and much more.
Up to 20 hours of interviews
Maximum length: 50,000 words (roughly 250 pages)
Up to 50 photographs
Ten cloth bound and sewn hardback books plus a digital copy of your book

if payment is made in full before the start of the project. 
(15% Discount will be deducted)


The Super Full-Length Biography + PR Package is an awesome choice for those that have a large budget and need expert strategic support to make a Global Impact fast!
Proactive PR Campaign
Opinion Pieces, Press Releases
Media Briefings, Business Profile Boost, Launch Events 
Biography Up to 20 hours of interviews
Maximum length: 50,000 words (roughly 250 pages)
Up to 50 photographs
Ten cloth bound and sewn hardback books plus a digital copy of your book

Tailored to Client’s Needs & Global Portfolio

International Publishing Included


UK Digital Communications Training Group  are proud of the quality of our work. Great care is taken when interviewing, writing, editing and proofreading and when choosing the materials used in our books.


Interviews & Writing

Interviews are normally spread over several weeks, with a minimum of two hours at a time. Your writer will travel to your home or a place convenient to you. We don’t expect you to fill out any tiresome questionnaires or do any other writing. All that we ask is that you are prepared to tell your story to your writer. We’ll take care of everything else.


Fact Checking & Consistency

All dates, spellings and facts are checked where possible and we make no extra charge for this. Consistency is important to us. For instance, we will write numbers and dates in the same way throughout the book (2 June 1953, for example, not 2nd June 1953 or the second of June 1953). These details matter because they will give your book a professional finish.


Typesetting & Design

Our books are thoughtfully typeset and designed, ensuring the pages look tidy and are easy to read, and we will position your photographs where required. If necessary we will digitally enhance your photographs at no extra cost.


Printing & Binding

During the finishing process, the pages can be sewn as an option* rather than glued, which makes the books more durable. Each volume has a cloth cover* with foil blocking* and we add head and tail bands*—those little pieces of ribbon at the top and bottom of the spine—which finish the books off beautifully.

“Always live your life with your biography in mind.”

Marisha Pessl

It’s Time for YOU to Get Published

So you’ve watched the literary greats publish book after book, and seen some of your friends become published authors. Now it is your turn.


Helping Writers Publish Their First Book

For the aspiring author, looking for a publisher can be exhausting and discouraging. We’re here to make sure you have access to book publishing options that make the publishing process smooth and straightforward.

All of the firms we recommend are for first-time writers as well as for veteran authors. They provide a publishing consultant who will work with you to choose the best options from a full range of publishing and marketing services.


What You Get

The self-publishing firms we recommend give you:

  • A step-by-step publishing process that makes it easy to get from manuscript to book in your hand

  • Book availability in e-book, paperback, and hardcover formats

  • Online distribution on Amazon.com

  • Copyright ownership – the rights to your book always belong to YOU

Team Experience

Lead Author Dr Andrea Charles-Fidelis



Dr Andrea Charles-Fidelis wrote her first academic paper in 2002 of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) through the lens of reproducing cultural identity as a BA (Hons) Sociology student at Goldsmiths College London. During a  posting to Abuja, Nigeria between 2006 – 2009 as a British Diplomat she became inspired to study a Master’s Degree in NGO & Development Management at University of East London 2010 – 2012.

She has co-authored many books, but is also a proud author of her own academic books: PostBrexit Trade can make 'Ethics' work for us, and ‘What my culture did to me’: How to Eradicate FGM Effectively- distributed by German Publishers Lambert Academic in 2017.

Andrea continues to push her academic excellence forward as a bonafide member of the British Academy of Management and Fellow of The Institute of Management Consultants, SA.  Her award-winning writing skills have inspired international recognition including being recently featured on the Valder Bebee Radio Talk Show in the USA promoting her FGM Eradication Book.  (podcast available here)


Dr Charles Fidelis Podcast -
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This book examines whether alternative trade relations can produce significantly more money for agricultural coffee producers that conventionally receive exceptionally low returns on their produce. Additionally inefficiencies in international trade systems and draconian policy controls have continued to skew markets to produce an effective coffee paradox with diminishing returns in the south verse a boom in added value in the north. This book extensively reviews national and international controls; through examples they can be seen to produce a status quo underpinned by materialism that marginalises traditional farming practices, while at the same time produces ever greater environmental damage. Through a trading in ‘Ethics’ this book establishes a basis for positive trade models and identifies where efficacy and transparency can reveal pockets of lost value by: reducing corruption, inaccurate/inconsistent recordings on stock markets, removing subsides and the implementation of ethics through voluntary codes to produce and maintain socially and environmentally responsible trading relationships across the board.



If communication is a process of creating shared understanding- why has discourse around eradicating female genital mutilation had little to no impact in the past 15 years?
Although FGM may have moved up the political agenda with more media coverage, girls around the world continue to be subjected to this dangerous practice. What is the common thread? And how can eradication be tackled more effectively?
This book sets out a basis to consider FGM through the personal account of a circumcised woman, in addition to the lens of cultural identity politics.  By considering how people reproduce concepts of ‘identity’ via history and cultural practices, it is possible to determine why FGM continues to thrive in spite of legal and social policy encouraging eradication.
I suggest a fresh approach using modern marketing and communication techniques to devise an eradication narrative that effectively engages across audiences including ‘men’ as key players and influencers within the socio economic power structure that drives this medieval practice.

Writing Team Experience

Author Abdulazeez Arowona


Abdulazeez Arowona is an experienced Journalist, Public Analyst and Media Consultant. He bagged his Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science from the University of Ilorin, Master of Science Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies with specialization in Humanitarian and Refugee Studies from the University of Ibadan and Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism from the International Institute of Journalism, Abuja.

A leading light in the realm of Development Journalism, he is a member of professional bodies such as: International Centre for Global Research (ICGR), Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria (ICEN) and the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ). He is the author of The Royal Stool: A Fluorescence of Traditional Rulers and Communities.

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