“All the world is my school and all humanity is my teacher.”

— George Whitman

Offer your Students Superior Skills and Career Opportunities 

International Colleges

The UK Digital Training Group is a distinctive Social Enterprise that trains talented young people in professional English for digital marketing communications, with an unpaid internship placement to practice their skills in a UK organisation. 

It is the latest innovation in blending well trained international student interns with organisations working on community initiatives, social problems and environmental issues.  

Summer Programme

Our Summer Digital Internship Programmes combine classroom teaching, practical workshops, seminars and workplace learning to create a truly engaging content marketing course & internship experience.

We can also deliver course units at your institution with comprehensive lesson plans and Certified Industry Accreditation.

UK Digital Training Group would like to partner with your institution to offer your students the opportunity to develop professionally through working with UK organisations. 

Digital Marketing Course & Internship


Students learn English appropriate for use in businesses, best practice marketing techniques and the skills needed to excel in the workplace.  Our courses open up career opportunities across international markets in the UK, Canada, Australia and the USA

  • Effective writing

  • Brand design

  • Content marketing

  • Blogging

  • Animated Videos

  • PR & Press Releases

  • Copywriting

  • Competitor analyses 

  • Marketing strategies

  • Social media platforms

  • Storyboarding

  • Marketing Campaigns 

  • Online Advertising

UK Digital Training Group offers:


We specialise in providing well structured value driven programmes for students, interns and organisations


Our marketing and digital communications courses are designed to equip students with practical skills, techniques and expertise for ‘real employment’


Students on our courses are confident and proud of their portfolio of professional work including illustrations & templates of: brand design, content marketing, blogs, animated videos, PR press releases, copywriting, competitor analysis reports, campaigns created and marketing strategies



Your students will instantly increase English usage, proficiency and vocabulary to include professional language for businesses and social media.  We have built into the course crucial insights, nuances and how to make an impact through effective writing techniques

This is an exceptional time in digital communications for young people to build a craft that will help their careers flourish across English speaking international markets

Partnership Benefits


We’ll support your students every step of the way.  Our academic trainers deliver engaging lessons and workshops suitable for all levels of learning

The programme is designed with ‘learning through doing’ at its heart. Reflective workshops and workplace support is available for all students

There is a 24 hour emergency contact line and a Wellbeing Officer employed to support students and update parents if required



Most other internships do not offer competency based learning, skills development and training before work placements.  Our student interns enter the workplace ‘ready to make an impact’ with an impressive body of work already completed


We believe being good at what you do comes with determination and practice.  We’ll help your students reach their full potential so they’re able to enter their careers with a real sense of accomplishment

They're able to add value to drive the business forward on day one



“You don’t learn to walk by following rules.  You learn by doing and falling over again.” (Richard Branson)

Our programme is not a standard English Language Course, it is designed to enable the learner to also become a leader of their craft

Professional English for social media and businesses is distinctive, a niche area of learning

We also offer extra support with English Language tuition for individuals and small groups at an extra cost; everyone is different- we are committed to creating the best learning experience possible

Participate in Social Innovation

Get your students involved in the amazing work charities do through working on real live briefs.  Whether your students learn our units in the UK or at your institution, they will be fully immersed in helping to make the world a better place

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