“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

— Nelson Mandela

Developing Marketing and Social Media Platforms 

About the Package

As a Social Enterprise we help charities and small businesses boost social media and digital communications by placing well trained digital interns in your organisation for up to 6-weeks. We can help you build your online social authority as an influential voice, create engaging communications for your service users and promote search engine optimisation to improve your online presence.

Get a Head Start

Keeping up with the biggest and best brands that have excellent digital marketing strategies with big budgets can be difficult for smaller companies.  We have the solution to help you optimise your social media and grow your organisation online…

Our UK Digital Interns

  • Create high impact social media profiles

  • Build & grow quality online platforms for your target markets

  • Develop content to post that will really engage your audience & generate leads for your organisation

Our talented interns are trained in

  • Copywriting

  • Competitor Analyses

  • Producing a Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media Platforms

  • Storyboarding

  • Audience Profiling

  • Effective Writing

  • Brand Design

  • Content Marketing

  • Blogging & Videos

  • PR & Press Releases

  • Designing Campaigns

Programme Benefits

We understand how hard it is to create and maintain a social media strategy with limited resources.  I’m sure you know chapter and verse the challenge of sustaining your organisations online presence with little to no hope of developing new, fresh innovative ways to expand your digital communications.  


Our UK Digital Interns can help you turn this around, then handover the keys at the end of their placement with up to 3- months worth of content scheduled while you learn the ropes.

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